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If you want to try something hardcore with your trike, forget about nice trips with your friends in quiet places and try drifting. Trike drifting will boost your adrenaline and will make you feel empowered, so you should try these new sensations that a ride with your trike can give you. Of course you should also be careful and avoid accidents because you may end up hurt and you surely don’t want such a thing. Take all the possible safety measures and pay attention to the road. Try one that is clear, one where not many cars circulate, avoiding thus to hit someone or to be hit by someone.

In the next videos, you can see a bunch of guys doing the same thing and in all of them you will see that the boys are very careful and finish their fun activity without any major problems.

If you are not very sure about your skills, wear a helmet and other protection accessories. Better safe than sorry, so no matter how much fun seemed some guys to have riding their trikes and crashing them, don’t try to imitate moves that could get dangerous, especially if you are not an expert in drifting.

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HT1800 Roadsmith Trike

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HT1800 Roadsmith Trike is one of the best models of this kind that you can find on the market. The modern vehicle takes all the benefits of riding a motorcycle and combines them with the more secure features of a car, in order to create the best vehicle on the market for young spirited people, looking for having adventures on a high quality professional ride with a state-of-the-art design.



  • 116″ length, 56″ width;
  • 78″ wheelbase; 
  • 1150lbs wight;
  • lateral trailing arm Independent Rear Suspension;
  • progressive coil-over shocks for manual suspension adjustment;
  • 2.93:1 final drive ratio;
  • polyester resin fiberglass body material;
  • 2″ diameter shaft w/ sealed u-joints drive system.


Innovative features: 

  • Independent Suspension – one of the main features of HT1800 Roadsmith Trike, which makes it easier to ride and a lot more comfortable and stable on the road;
  • True Track Stabilizer Bar – used mostly for its ability to offer stability for HT1800 Roadsmith Trike and a sitting square to the ground position;
  • 8″ Wheelbase – for a more comfortable experience, the extended wheels are placed behind the driver’s seat;
  • Differential Driven Shaft - brand new components derived from a model Ford car and combined with the Independent Suspension system;
  • Disc Brakes - to provide more stability and a secure and safe breaking system;
  • Alloy Wheels - larger wheels – 16×7″, 5×4 1/2 bolt pattern;
  • Factory Styled Body - which insures a great design for HT1800 Roadsmith Trike, in which all the best features can be found. The composition of the body is solid and secure, combining the idea of a modern looking vehicle with high on-road performance;
  • Storage Compartment and Trailer Hitch - available for more space.


Additional Options:

  • AccuRide and Adjustable Pre-Load - auto leveling system to adjust the suspensions;
  • Performance SwayBar - increases corner performance and insures safety for heavy loads;
  • Extended Trunk and Trunk Courtesy Light - for more loading space and for appropriate usage;
  • Auxiliary Fuel Tank - for longer roads without the need to refuel the tank;
  • Wheel Package, Chrome Rear Rims and Centramatic Wheel Balancer - for a high quality drive and design;
  • Steering Kit - offers a better adjustment to the road and to driving in the best possible way;
  • Other design options.
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Do It Yourself Trike Projects

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The tricycle has been around for probably more than a century. Tricycles are produced for children to obtain about freedom easier as opposed to wanting to be pulled in wagons. For a lot of young children, a tricycle is essential to be far more than a riding toy. It also had to have other functions or have character tie-ins to their preferred shows or characters. Not only children can have fun with the trike, but also adults. Recently, this vehicle has combined the latest technology with the power of engines, thus creating a new means of transport. Thereby, it is more Eco-friendly and easier to maintain than a car or a motorcycle.

There are quite a few companies that make conversion kits to turn you motorcycle into trikes. The prices and components vary. You can get everything including fenders, suspension, seat with backrest and lights or just a bare bones kit that in composed of a bracket, axle, sprocket and brake system. Perhaps one of the most popular models of trikes is the VW one. It is very easy to convert a VW bug. The rear engine makes the build easy and the highly reliable air cooled motor simplifies the mechanical aspects. Basically, to build a VW trike you need a VW Bug, a motorcycle front end, steel to build the connecting frame, and some mechanical and fabrication skills. One of the key points in building VW trikes is the design. So many home made trikes look like dumpy Mexican ice cream vendor carts. You really want a sharp chopper looking design. You can either fabricate a steel body or use a fiberglass, but the base body needs to be cool. 

The easiest model to do it yourself is the hard tail. Just connect the axle tube to the bike frame with a set of ground parallel frame rails and down tubes. Hard tails are light, cheap and fun, but can be a little hard on the back. If you are building a soft tail bike, then you will need a U joint or CV joint equipped, articulated drive shaft and trailing arm type suspension. One of the other great advantages of the VW trikes are that the rear weight makes it real easy to do wheel stands. Moreover, the VW trikes are very capable of towing a utility trailer or camp trailer. If you get caught in the rain on VW trikes you may get wet, but you will be able to keep going. 

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What Can a Trike Be Used For

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If you are tired of your car and bored with your bicycle, know there is another type of vehicle you can opt for: the tricycle. Often abbreviated to trike, this modern vehicle is three-wheeled and is popular with both adults and children. When the term tricycle comes up, do not just assume that this vehicle is meant for pre-aged school children. Tricycles are very popular with adults, as well, since they come in different shapes and sizes. Most commonly, tricycles come in 3 layouts: upright, recumbent delta, and recumbent tadpole. The first one resembles a two-wheeled bicycle but has either 2 widely spread wheels at the back or 2 wheels at the front. The second one is similar to the first one but it also has a recumbent layout in which the rider is seated.

The third layout has a recumbent design with 2 steered wheels at the front and one driven wheel at the back. There are also motorized trikes, which are also known as three-wheeled cars. They are very popular, since they have a motorized engine yet are still much safer than motorcycles. Now that you know what are the main types of trikes you can opt for, you also need to know what can you use them for. Well, besides purchasing one for every family member and having lots of fun, you can also use them for a wide array of purposes. Most commonly, trikes are used by delivery services in dense urban environments where the traffic is heavy and orders need to be delivered fast. Tricycles are perfect for delivery, since most of them come with a small storage space and allow their drivers to easily sneak into traffic, therefore reaching their destination faster.

Trikes are also used for food vending in high foot traffic areas where drivers find themselves stuck in traffic for hours. If you have ever seen specialist ice cream bikes, then you know what I mean. You can also use tricycles to transport trader tools, to handle airport cargo, to transport warehouse inventory, and to deliver mail. Trikes are also great for recycling collections and food collection. If you have a trike, you can also use it for child transport, since recent studies show that an estimated 90% of the freight bicycles sold in cities like Amsterdam are primary used to carry children. As you can see, there are so many things you can use a trike for.

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Installments Of Modernity In Trike Vehicles

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There are many modern vehicles which have surfaced in the past years and which are meant to combine the latest technology with the power of the traditional engines, in order to form unique forms and variations of cars and motorcycles. With the combination of these two types of vehicles, the results have come in the form of a variety of modernity installments. In this case, we can mention the very famous trike, which is an extended form of the motorcycle, that actually has three wheels. Values for this modern vehicle range according to their type, to the manufacturing brand and to the detailed features that they have installed on them in order to aid their proper functionality.

Modern vehicles have always been the fascination of men. That is the main reason why most of the people to acquire these types of machines are male. In addition to this, they offer a certain amount of boost to the male image, adding a lot more power and roughness to their category. However, some women are also known to prefer modern vehicles, for the exact same feeling of empowerment, with the probable twist of having something unique and that not all women can or would like to drive. Abilities required for the usage of these modern vehicles are connected with a long driving experience and with having the necessary amount of strength to steer the massive machines, which are features that have not been attributed to women most of the time, but more to men in a non-offensive way.

Buying a trike is one of the best options for single men in the first place. Due to the fact that these are modern vehicles, they, first of all, showcase the fact that the particular man has a suitable financial independence in order to afford one of the market’s newest releases. In addition to this, it creates the image of the strong, powerful and independent male, who can take women riding on his trike and win their hearts by taking them for an experience they will never forget. The sense of modernity is hereby mixed with the attitude of the independent and powerful man, which is something that all men would like to have. Therefore, the best solution, for getting to the admiration and to the appreciation of all women and to the envy of all men, is to buy a modern vehicle.

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Choose The Comfortable Trike

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Trikes have become really popular nowadays. These unique types of vehicles are usually described as new motorcycles that will offer drivers an increased level of comfort and safety. There is no wonder that so many people choose the trike, as such a vehicle is really unique. Compared to a motorcycle for instance, a trike has numerous advantages and this is the main reason why it manages to draw such an impressive number of individuals, who are willing to enjoy riding them.

Some of the most important advantages that a trike will offer include safety on the road, a great comfort, an easier usability, the possibility to drive with no need to put your foot down when stopping, the option to take a passenger with you without having to worry that your bike will tip over on the road, the opportunity to drive on metal bridges, but also the option to ride your vehicle regardless of the kind of road you will meet ahead. Driving a trike is simpler both in busy cities and outside the town. This is the main reason why trikes are considered to be the best vehicles for elderly people, but also for teens. With a trike you will never have to wait hours in the traffic and you can forget all about high costs and expensive maintenance.

With a trike you can save both time and money and the best thing about such a vehicle is that you can control it easier. This fact will make the trike a safe vehicle that you do not have to worry will ever get involved in serious accidents. How to ride your trike is not a hard to answer question, in fact anyone can easily handle it. With your great trike you can reach work or school much simpler, without having to waste hours in the traffic. Enjoying great comfort and reaching all destinations is amazingly easy with a trike. You can use it during the summers or the springs, but you can also take it in vacations. You can plan an exciting weekend out of the city when driving your great trike.

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A Modern Vehicle for the Modern Man – the Trike

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If you are looking for a unique way through which to express yourself in a modern way, you may think of considering the category of modern vehicles. Through the options you can find here, you will be sure of the fact that you will make a great impression on people and also look great at the same time. One of the vehicles that you should choose in this situation is the trike. As a modern concept for vehicles, the trike is a very fun and productive combination between a motorcycle and a car. The trike is more resembling of a motorcycle, due to its structure and design. However, the back part resembles a car in some models and is based on the afferent two-wheels technology for the back.

The trike can help you be stylish and modern. You may consider these aspects especially now as the warmer seasons are starting. Imagine yourself taking a ride on your trike in the nearby beach area or on some of the trendiest parts of the city. Even though it is hot outside, you will have a great cool while riding on your trike. In addition to this, you will have full exposure for yourself and for those around you. Therefore, you should be ready to be admired and to fascinate everyone around you with your modern vehicle. 

It is important for the modern man to make a stand and to show the world that there is more to him. Getting involved in the new trends of the society in the first few lines is a mandatory feature. You have to be the one who sets the trends, making people understand the value of modern technology introduced in a variety of aspects of our daily life, such as driving. That is why getting a trike is the best solution. You will make a modern and trendy impression on everyone throughout the year. The trike will be your perfect accessory vehicle for the spring and for the summer seasons, during vacations or on the weekends. Get a modern vehicle and start new trends with what your drive!

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Why To Get A Trike

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The trike has become a popular vehicle in the past few years. And more and more people use it on daily basis. The trike is considered to be quite safe and having under consideration the comfort it offers, it also is very affordable for anyone. Having a trike also is a trendy decision and driving this vehicle will be so great that there really is no way you are not going to love it. The trike is great for children, too. Instead of offering your kids a bike, you can get them a trike which has more advantages, being easier to handle and very stable.

A trike is great for both younger and elderly people. The vehicle offers stability and it is very easy to drive. Of course, with your trike, arriving from one location to another is going to be so much easier and quicker. The trike is also a great vehicle for people who have problems with mobility. With your trike you can easily go shopping, but you can also use the vehicle when you want to take a simple walk. Since the trike is a three wheels vehicle, it can easily be used by really anyone. These vehicle have become very popular in the United States when it comes to individual transportation, but they are also commonly used by elderly people for recreation, shopping and exercise.

The best thing about the trike is that the vehicle is so safe that you can let your children use it with no worries. Safer than a bike or a motorcycle, a trike can be purchased on a variety of models. The designs can be matched to all tastes and personalities and they can be amazingly comfortable. You can really use your trike no matter where you have to go to. Since the moment when the first trikes were created till now, models have been much improved and since technology evolved, better trikes were also manufactured. Luckily, nowadays you can purchase and use some amazing trike models and you can enjoy an incredible comfort every day.  

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Things to Know About the Trike

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When you were a child, you probably had one of those tricycles that you rode on, around the house, right? Now you are grown up and you consider yourself too old for a tricycle. Think again. Technology has made it possible for adults to relive their childhood days with the re-invention of the trike. A trike has many more advantages than a bike, since it is more stable, due to the use of three wheels.

There is also the motorized trike, whose wheels may be arranged in either configuration: delta or tadpole. A delta trike has one wheel in front and two in back, and the tadpole trike has two wheels in front and one in the back. The tadpole trike is more stable under braking and more likely to slide instead of roll. Front braking hard on a delta trike requires the vehicle to steer almost straight to avoid tipping.

The motor trike is very attractive for those people with mobility or balance problems, for carrying multiple passengers on a motorcycle license, or to avoid helmet use regulations. This type of trike is usually custom built and often finished to a very high standard. You might regard it as a cheaper alternative to the car and a safer one to the bike.

Trikes are also used in some countries as a public means of transportation. Take India, for example. There are various locally made configurations used around India. They fall under the category of Jugaad and serve as both passenger and commercial vehicles. This type of transportation is a motorized trike. They are very popular, because of their low cost, as they are put together from salvaged motorcycles and often do not require the driver to have a license. Aside from these cultural aspects, a traditional trike is great for children as well, because it provides them with much more stability than the bicycle. Therefore, your child will have a lot of fun riding the trike. You need not worry, safety is not a problem when it comes to the trike.

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Having A Trike Is Cool

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Although many people will tell you that having a trike is expensive and dangerous, most of them, maybe even all, have opinions that are not based on real life facts. People always have opinions about everything, that is why they will advise you not buy a trike, even if they never had one or they never enjoyed a ride with a trike. The truth is that having a trike is simply cool! Not only that a trike is a great mean of transportation everywhere and not just around town, but literally everywhere, but having one will improve your image and you will definitely seem more interesting in the eyes of other people. If you will buy a trike, even those who tried to convince you not to buy it, will definitely ask questions about it and will show interest.

A trike is great in many situations, being smaller than a car, the trike can squeeze in easily in traffic, no matter how crowded the streets are. Of course, you still have to be careful while driving and you will still have to respect all the rules, but having a trike does not mean you suddenly forget all circulation rules, only that you can move fast and safe any time you need it. And a trike is not even that expensive and does not require a really large investment. A trike is a cool and nice thing to have, not only for the use and for the benefits and advantages, but also because this mean of transportation is just good for the image of any man.

Hard to believe? Women are always attracted to men who are special and out of the ordinary. And knowing the fact that not every man owns a trike, will clearly make you more attractive and sympathetic in the eyes of the ladies. Having a trike is a really great thing, even if most people do not understand why is so nice to own one and in how many situations can it be used. Who would have thought that a mean of transportation could also be so great for your image?

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