HT1800 Roadsmith Trike

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HT1800 Roadsmith Trike is one of the best models of this kind that you can find on the market. The modern vehicle takes all the benefits of riding a motorcycle and combines them with the more secure features of a car, in order to create the best vehicle on the market for young spirited people, looking for having adventures on a high quality professional ride with a state-of-the-art design.



  • 116″ length, 56″ width;
  • 78″ wheelbase; 
  • 1150lbs wight;
  • lateral trailing arm Independent Rear Suspension;
  • progressive coil-over shocks for manual suspension adjustment;
  • 2.93:1 final drive ratio;
  • polyester resin fiberglass body material;
  • 2″ diameter shaft w/ sealed u-joints drive system.


Innovative features: 

  • Independent Suspension – one of the main features of HT1800 Roadsmith Trike, which makes it easier to ride and a lot more comfortable and stable on the road;
  • True Track Stabilizer Bar – used mostly for its ability to offer stability for HT1800 Roadsmith Trike and a sitting square to the ground position;
  • 8″ Wheelbase – for a more comfortable experience, the extended wheels are placed behind the driver’s seat;
  • Differential Driven Shaft - brand new components derived from a model Ford car and combined with the Independent Suspension system;
  • Disc Brakes - to provide more stability and a secure and safe breaking system;
  • Alloy Wheels - larger wheels – 16×7″, 5×4 1/2 bolt pattern;
  • Factory Styled Body - which insures a great design for HT1800 Roadsmith Trike, in which all the best features can be found. The composition of the body is solid and secure, combining the idea of a modern looking vehicle with high on-road performance;
  • Storage Compartment and Trailer Hitch - available for more space.


Additional Options:

  • AccuRide and Adjustable Pre-Load - auto leveling system to adjust the suspensions;
  • Performance SwayBar - increases corner performance and insures safety for heavy loads;
  • Extended Trunk and Trunk Courtesy Light - for more loading space and for appropriate usage;
  • Auxiliary Fuel Tank - for longer roads without the need to refuel the tank;
  • Wheel Package, Chrome Rear Rims and Centramatic Wheel Balancer - for a high quality drive and design;
  • Steering Kit - offers a better adjustment to the road and to driving in the best possible way;
  • Other design options.
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