Reverse Trike

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I can’t believe it. I visited my parents over the Fourth of the July weekend and found out my father built a reverse trike. It’s a three-wheeled motorcycle with two wheels in front and one in the back.

I soon found out that this type of motorcycle has a lot of different names, such as a 2F1R trike, backwards trike, cabin car, cabin scooter, cycle car, motomobile, scooter trike, T2F (Trike 2 Front Wheels), Tadpole-style trike, tricar, y-configuration trike, y-design trike and y-factor trike.

I know my dad used to ride motorcycles, but he gave it up when he and my mom moved to Chicago. The weather was terrible for motorcycle riding most of the time and the traffic made it super dangerous.

Now that they’ve retired and moved to Arizona, having a motorcycle makes more sense, and it does look like the reverse trike is safer than a motorcycle.

My dad’s all excited about the cross-country “race” he’s planning to ride in. He and some friends who also have home-built trikes are going to race their trikes from California to Michigan in August. It’s not really a race; it’s just a bunch of guys who are trike enthusiasts who want to ride seven or eight hours a day for a week. I bet their butts will be really sore by the time they get to Michigan.

I’m glad my dad has found something that interests him so much, and my mom is too.

So many guys work hard all their lives, retire and then drop dead of a heart attack. My dad’s in good shape and he’s even working out to get ready for this ride.

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